Underarm Whitening

Dark underarms is a common problem which leads to embarrassment and loss of confidence but  underarm whitening can be a solution.

Underarm Whitening products will help with a common problem of Underarm darkening. Dark Underarms has many reasons, but just using medicines and cosmetics without knowing the reason for darkening will lead to more of it.

Underarm WhiteningReasons why skin darkens

Many people believe that exposure to sunlight is the only reason why sun darkens as people start having sun tans. There are other reasons too, they are:

•    Diseases are a main reason which plays and important role in change in the skin tone and color from time to time. For ex, in Addison’s disease there is skin pigmentation and excessive darkening.

•    Hormonal changes during pregnancy. During this time the production of melanin increases in the skin leading to patches in many parts of the skin.

•    Hyperpigmentation is a kind of disorder where skin cells become damaged and affects the color of the skin. This spreads all over the skin and affects the under arms also.

•    Excessive shaving of under arms. Shaving leaves a bit of hair on the skin which resembles darker skin colour.

Now that we know what the causes of dark under arms are, let’s have a look as to how to do underarm whitening.

•    Waxing: waxing that particular area will remove the dark skin cells which have been caused due to excessive shaving and razor usage. Waxing might hurt a bit more but the hair will be removed from the root and your mission of Underarm Whitening will be successful.

•    Applying lemon juice: this is a very easy home remedy. This can not only be done for under arm skin but on any part of the body which you want to lighten us. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent and will gradually lighten the area after prolonged us. Take lemon juice and rub it on the desired area and keep it stable for some time before taking a batch.

•    Prevent usage of deodorants or limit those: most of the people use deodorants excessively in the underarm area which is the reason of darker underarms. Instead use other things like anti-fungal powders, alum or baking soda wipe to combat body odor.

A dark underarm is a major problem for women. Women who are young and want to look groomed pay very close attention to Underarm Whitening. Dark underarms are a big turnoff for men. One way to avoid dark under arms is not to shave the hair. This is the mistake which most people make which makes their underarm look unclean and dark.